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You have to install avg antivirus on your system for using it. If you are no longer using internet on that particular device, then keeping the avg installed on the device is useless. So in that case you have to uninstall avg from that particular device. Uninstalling also involves few steps in a sequence and if those steps are followed in a proper manner this is a simple task. Sometimes you may have problem in understanding the steps then you can take guidance of our support company. They will ensure that you are able to uninstall it completely from your device. Moreover, in this article we are discussing those steps in very easy manner.

Uninstall Avg


Below we are discussing various steps involved in the process of uninstallation. First of all, you have to restart your PC and log into windows as a user with administrative account. You need to restart your PC so that there is no AVG updates or tests running in the background. In the next step you have to log into windows as a user with all the administrative rights. If you want to uninstall avg via windows control panel, then you have to do it by following the instructions mentioned for the version of your windows. Once the steps are followed one by one you will find that the avg gets uninstalled automatically.

Now let’s discuss what you can do, if you fail to uninstall avg. If you fail to do so then you should not get panic because in that situation you can use avg remover tool or call on avg support number. Before using this tool.you have to ensure that you save all your work and also close all your open documents. This is because your PC will get restarted in the duration of process. The steps to use avg remover tool are discussed below:

  • Firstly, you have to download the avg remover tool. Then you have to run the downloaded file.
  • As soon as you run it you have to click on continue to accept the AVG’s license agreement and privacy policies.
  • Now the avg remover will scan the PC to find out all the installed avg products.
  • In the next step you have to select the product you want to uninstall.
  • Once you have selected the product then click remove to completely uninstall it.
  • Finally, you have to click on restart.
  • After the restart is completed if open file security warning appears then you have to click on run for completing the uninstallation process.

These steps are very useful in the process to uninstall avg. If you find that after completing the process, there is some prompting then restart your PC again. This will definitely solve your issue. If you need any kind of assistance in the duration of uninstallation or you have difficulty in understanding any of the step, then you can take help on avg customer service from our team. Most importantly you should always make sure that you delete the avg remover folder manually once you have completed the uninstallation process.

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